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Plentifall pansies

Story By Elena Fennell

Color your winter patio and landscape with Plentifall pansies. Developed by PanAm Seed, this exciting new series is the first seed-grown pansy to exhibit a smooth, sprawling habit. Perfect for pansy baskets or mixed containers, Plentifall pansies stand only 6 to 8 inches tall, while extending their luxuriant limbs 2 feet wide. Their vigorous performance during intense winter climates ranks them supreme for many gardens -- not only do their abundant medium-sized blossoms better withstand the cold than larger bloom varieties, but they prove more resistant to rain, as well.

Like other pansies and violas, Plentifall prefers full sunlight and well-drained soil. Remove faded flowers from winter through spring to maintain healthy growth, and lightly shear lanky stems if needed. Grow Plentifall pansies singly in hanging baskets or small containers, or create a spectacular yuletide show by integrating these outstanding beauties with poinsettias, Snow Princess Lobularia (sweet alyssum) and cyclamen. Consider also planting a carpet of color in your landscape by tucking Plentifall pansies beneath Amazon dianthus, Camelot foxgloves, Pacific Giant delphiniums and Texas bluebonnets.



Quick Facts & Keys to Success:

Common Name: Plentifall series trailing pansy

Botanical Name: Viola x hybrida

Varieties/Cultivars to Look For: Lavender Blue, Purple Wing, White, Blueberry Mixture, Mixture

Blooming Period: Peak bloom is February through May

Type: Annual

Size: 8 inches tall x 18-24 inches wide

Exposure: Full sun

When to Plant: Mid to late October

How to Plant: Use as a container specimen for hanging baskets and mixed planters, or space 18 inches apart in an offset planting pattern for the landscape.

Soil: Well-drained potting soil or raised beds

Watering: Once weekly in landscapes if rainfall is absent; check daily if planted in containers

When to Prune: Deadhead through the spring as old flowers fade.

When to Fertilize: At planting with a slow-release fertilizer

In Your Landscape: Plentifall pansies make a spectacular show as spillers in hanging baskets or patio containers from late fall through spring. Plant a low spreading carpet of color in established flowerbeds or borders for incessant blooms all season.

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Photography courtesy of Ball Horticulture


Elena Fennell is a horticulturist and freelance garden writer. She is also the web master for and


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