Featured Books for September:


Desirable Trees for the Midwest
by Scott A. Zanon


Desirable Trees for the Midwest: Trees are the most important element in any well-designed landscape. In his new book, Scott Zanon leads readers to fifty of his personal favorites and helps them make the best decisions based on beauty, hardiness, site location, and the ability to grow turfgrass. Plant Usage Guides, in both common and scientific name forms, provide a plethora of options for the reader at any level, and 250 color photographs help the reader to make informed buying decisions. A superb reference guide, this book is user friendly and a very practical guide for a diverse audience, including horticulturists, arborists, grounds professionals, master gardeners, golf course superintendents, green committees, golf course architects, home gardeners, and homeowners. Deciding what attributes are most critical in the realm of options in this book can make the selection process so much easier.



How to Build Your Own Greenhouse
by Roger Marshall


Indulge your passion for gardening! Imagine extended growing seasons, homegrown tropical fruits, abundant vegetables ready to pick year-round, exotic orchids, and colorful flowers galore. They're all possible with this comprehensive guide to turning the dream of year-round gardening into a reality. 

From the simplest cold frame to the most elaborate freestanding tropical paradise, there is a greenhouse plan in this collection to suit every gardener's needs. Roger Marshall guides you through all the style options, the practical considerations of choosing materials and a site, and every step of the building process, from foundation to glazing. 

Whether your interest is in rare orchids or in healthful, organic vegetables for your family, a greenhouse provides the environment to protect and nurture the plants you love. And when it's cold and gray outside, the greenhouse is a welcoming and warm place to feed your gardening hobby.

Whether your goal is to stretch the growing season or create a lush space full of greenery for a year-round hot tub, a greenhouse can add to your property value as well as enjoyment. How to Build Your Own Greenhouse guides you through choosing the right type of greenhouse for your needs, selecting a site and materials, and building the structure from foundation to glazing. The final chapter includes nine building plans, from a simple season-extending cold frame and a basic freestanding greenhouse to a more elaborate greenhouse/garden shed combination.