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Five Easy Vegetables for Late Summer Sowing
by Carol Michel - August 2014

Book end your growing season in the vegetable garden with cool-season crops including lettuce, spinach, radishes, beets and other leafy greens like mustard. These crops, commonly grown in early spring, can also be planted in late summer for a fall harvest.

August is the time to look around the vegetable garden for bare places to plant fall garden crops. You can make room for these vegetables by removing any plants which are no longer producing. Perhaps you still have some spring-planted lettuce and radishes that long ago bolted and set seed and you never got around to pulling them out? ...   >> read article

Flowering Shrubs to Spice Up the Spring Season
by Tom Butzler - August 2014

Gardeners live for the moment. We walk around the landscape and take in the beauty and wonder of our gardens with the myriad of colors, textures and visiting wildlife such as hummingbirds and pollinators. But it is also a time to step away from the “moment” and think ahead. What works and doesn’t work? What improvements can I make? How hungry am I for something amazing in the garden next spring (remember when you couldn’t wait for winter to end)?

This fall is an excellent time to plan ahead for next spring as nurseries and garden centers look to off-load many of their remaining plants and hunker down for the winter. That means bargains ...   >> read article

Add Some Asian Maples
by Scott Beuerlein - August 2014

Who can deny that as much as we all want and need large trees everywhere, there remains an endless capacity for small trees in virtually every landscape? In fact, many perfect sites for small trees are created because many work well beneath the boughs of their towering brethren. But too often, our default thinking in these situations is fall back on that old gardening cliché “the small flowering tree.” Well, okay, I’m not one to beat things up too bad, and I’m more infatuated with cherries than the next five tree geeks combined, but if I see another failing dogwood planted in awful soil and full sun, or another half-naked suckering crabapple in July, or one more Callery pear – anytime anywhere – I fear that I may be the subject of disturbing headlines and an ugly mug shot ...   >> read article

Bright Spots: Dealing With a Dry, Full-Sun Garden
by Ron Kushner - August 2014

A garden in a dry, full-sun site can be a challenge – a daunting challenge. However, there are ways to create gardens that can take the heat, the uneven moisture levels and less-than-ideal sites.

I created one such garden near the front of Primex Garden Center. It was a full-sun site that had a stone wall on one side, as well as sloped land and an asphalt driveway bordering the entire bed. As if that weren’t enough, an overhang prevented rain from falling close to the building. The soil was terrible – loaded with rocks and construction debris with little organic matter ...   >> read article

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