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June Articles

Building Garden Art Using Ferro-cement

Make Small Big maximum impact tiny spaces

Tabletop Fire Pit Lights Up the Season

Bales of Fun

Something is in the Eye of the Beholder

A Loud Shout Out for Exuberance

The Kindest Cuts

11 Charlie – Mortar Platoon





Vertical Gardens Made from Living Walls
by Chris Eirschele - June 2014

Give vining plants a place to go, and create verticality in your landscape. Look up!

The long and the tall of vertical gardens start with creating a living wall from which plants climb up or hang down. Vertical gardens and living walls are formed on structures like pergolas, arbors and rock walls that are strongly engineered to hold perennial plants that don’t always die back. A simple string pulled taut from the base of a planting bed to the top of a wooden frame is a lightweight example often used for a lightweight annual vine.   >> read article

The Kindest Cuts
by Sarah Marcheschi - June 2015

What’s the simplest, easiest way to make a house feel like a home? Make a bouquet of freshly cut flowers from the garden.

For many gardeners, the idea of a house filled with fresh flowers during the summer months is a key motivator when it’s time for prepping plots and buying seeds. Of course, after all the weeding, watering and work we put into cultivating our flowerbeds, the thought of removing even a single celebrated blossom from the landscape sometimes becomes almost inconceivable. Enter the cutting garden, a separate bed, often planted in straight rows, whose sole purpose is to provide a profusion of blooms for the taking month after month. With just a bit of careful planning, you can have beautiful homegrown flower arrangements all season long.   >> read article

A Loud Shout Out for Exuberance
by Carolyn Ulrich - June 2015

Let your summer containers go big, bold and extravagant. Here’s one stellar example of how to do it.

The time has finally come when we in the Midwest can let ourselves go. Summer is at hand, the weather is working with us instead of against us, and we have free rein to compose container arrangements that indulge our whims and hankering for the exotic. Never mind that these plants will get the vapors like a Victorian heroine when villainous frost begins hovering in the shadows. For now, let them blaze away in glory. It’s time to bring the tropical fantasy world into our front yards.   >> read article

Tabletop Fire Pit Lights Up the Season
by Kathleen Hennessy - June 2015

Warmer weather means we’ll all be spending more time outdoors. This concrete how-to project brings the allure of a fire pit to your tabletop, with less hassle and mess. And, it could even keep a few mosquitos away.

Start by choosing the bowls you’ll use for your mold. It’s a good idea to choose two bowls that are the same style. Make sure that the larger bowl is at least 2-inches wider than the inner bowl. We used both plastic and metal bowls.

Next, gather all of your supplies, including your two bowls, cooking spray, concrete mix, water, mixing bucket, scoop or shovel and weights. It’s also a good idea to have a few rags. Be sure you have everything you need nearby. The process goes quickly, once you get started.   >> read article

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