Simply Grand
by Carolyn Ulrich - May 2015

From even a first fleeting glance, it is clear that this is no ordinary garden. It’s not the size, although the acre lot provides enviable opportunities to develop both grand vistas and enchanting vignettes. Rather, it’s the sheer beauty of the place, with its massive flowering perennial border encircling a rear lawn whose unique circular striping has turned it into a centerpiece of its own.

The garden began 15 years ago and is the handiwork of Kim Visokey, with husband Dale a constant admirer and sometimes helper. She knew very little when she set to work, her gardening experience while growing up mainly limited to helping her mother plant rings of impatiens around tree trunks. But she had a vision. “At our last house I had started to see gardening as an extension of homemaking and making a beautiful backdrop for my family,” she says, and so she set to work.   >> read article

Planting By Design
by Cathy Jean Maloney - May 2015

Two neighboring gardeners differ in their attitudes towards design and plants, but find a lot of common ground across the backyard fence.

Here’s my pet theory. All of us gardeners fall into one of two camps: plant lovers or design doyennes. The former waxes eloquent in Latin nomenclature, often with anthropomorphic plant references while using words such as cultural requirements and fastigiated branching. The design doyennes look for the big picture in the garden and are less concerned with individual plants. They use words like garden rooms, plant vignettes and holistic space.   >> read article

A Checklist for Summer Entertaining
by Susan Martin - May 2015

Your lovely, flower-filled landscape is the perfect setting for entertaining friends and family, but if you don’t have much experience in throwing a party it can be a bit daunting. Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, birthday bash or Fourth of July celebration, completing this simple checklist of tasks will help you organize and pull off the big event in style. Let’s get started!   >> read article

Public Principles, Private Space
by Jean Starr - May 2015

Ben Futa sees the property surrounding his parents’ South Bend home as his garden laboratory. It’s a place where he can make adjustments, try new plants, or redo an entire bed that just isn’t working. Yet even with carte blancheand a clean slate covering nearly half an acre, constraint is the first ground rule.

Futa grew up in the garden that surrounds the house his parents built 28 years ago. The garden he’s carved out of the 5-acre property has seen dozens of changes. Its latest transformation is based on his horticulture internship in 2011 with The Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millennium Park.   >> read article

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