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Plant an Awesome Autumn: Trees for Fall Color
by Scott Zanon - September 2014

Autumn is the time for football and to relish the most beautiful of our four seasons. Many trees have been waiting to show off their foliage. One of the great things about living where we do is the ever-changing seasons. For a few weeks, nature puts on one of its most spectacular displays as trees complete the growing season in a brilliant display of fall colors.   >> read article

Late Fall Blooms for the Midwest Garden
by Carol Michel - September 2014

Can we have new blooms every month of the year in our Midwest gardens, even in October and November?

Planning your garden so there are new blooms in all seasons is an idea dating back to the 16th century and Sir Francis Bacon. He called this idea of flowers blooming in all seasons “ver perpetuum,” which means perpetual spring.

There are several fall-blooming flowers that will grow in the Midwest, giving us a “perpetual spring” of new blooms while we are cleaning up the rest of the garden. Some of these late-flowering plants are widely planted while others deserve to be more widely grown ...   >> read article

Things to Do and Not to Do in the Garden This Fall
by Lori Pelkowski - September 2014

Fall isn’t just for removing dead plants in the garden, although that is an important task. There are many garden chores for those cool, clear fall days. Go outside and enjoy the weather and the changing colors of the leaves, and keep these tips in mind while preparing the garden for the winter ...   >> read article

Buddleia Buzz Series
by Chris Baker - September 2014

There’s a lot of buzz, so to speak, about the new dwarf Buzz series butterfly bushes (Buddleiacvs). These beauties start blooming in early June and continue producing fragrant fluffy flower spikes all summer. Older varieties of buddleia, or buddleja as some call it, can get up to 10 feet tall, but the Buzzes stay short and bushy. True to their name, these plants attract a great variety of butterflies, from little pearl crescents up to great spangled fritillaries and everything in between. Hummingbirds love them, too. In harsh winters buddleias will die back to the ground. Do not fear. They always sprout back. The Buzz series buddleias come in six eye-catching, butterfly-attracting, carefree colors from white to blue to purple. As an added bonus, they make great cut flowers.   >> read article

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