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Proven Winners Plants at 2015 Spring Plant Trials
by Peggy Hill - posted 08/24/15

My series about the plants I saw at 2015 Spring Plant Trials is creeping along. I'll try and post more often. Summer is just so busy. 

Proven Winners was our first stop. We spent a little time poking around the entry garden before going in.

Proven Winners landscape

We registered and then went out on the patio where the plants were on display.

2015 Spring Plant Trials, Proven Winners

I liked that they showed you both what the plant would look like at the nursery and also what it looks like full grown.


The next picture has some information about that last plant, and here's a link to its page on the Proven Winners website.

Intensia Phlox

I love the look of Verbena bonariensis, but I pulled it out of my garden after the first year. I don't mind when plants politely re-seed a little, but Verbena bonariensis popped up everywhere, even 50 feet from the mother plant. So I was excited to find out that Proven Winners has a new Verbena 'Meteor Showers' that is 95% less seedy than Verbena bonariensis.

Verbena bonariensis Meteor Shower

Proven Winners sent me 3 Meteor Showers to trial this spring, and they have done great. Here's a link to more information.

They also sent me this pretty Supertunia® Picasso in Burgundy. Here's a link to more information on this one.

Supertunia Picasso in Burgundy

It has preformed beautifully in my garden. There's just one plant in this pot. Look at how nice and full it is. The sweet potato vine is a bit aggressive, and I have to keep pulling it off so it doesn't suffocate the Supertunia®, but it's a fabulous combination.

Proven Winners has some great new shrubs. In my article for the July issue of Alabama Gardener, I talked about the new Jazz Hands series of Loropetalum and the first ever variegated Loropetalum. Well, they sent me one of those too. The variegation probably isn't what you'd expect. It's more blotchy. Here's what mine looks like.

Variegated loropetalum

I grow lots of different Hydrangeas. I love them all: climbing hydrangea (H. petiolaris), smooth hydrangea (H. arborescens), bigleaf hydrangea (H. macrophylla), H. paniculata, and oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia). But I've never grown mountain hydrangea (H. serrata). Maybe I'll give this Tiny Tuff Stuff™ a try. I wish the foliage stayed as purple as it looks in this picture. Here's a link for this one.

Hydrangea serrata Tiny Tuff Stuff

The foliage on this Double Play Big Bang spirea is spectacular. The Proven Winners website says that it gets, "Massive pink flowers...the largest we've ever seen on a spiraea." Here's a link, if you want to see what they look like.

Double Play Big Bang spiraea

Proven Winners has a new bee balm (Monarda 'Leading Lady Lilac') that doesn't run. I just got the fall catalog from Plant Delights Nursery, and this plant was designated as "Tony's FAVORITE!" He calls it, "Truly superb". 

Monarda 'Leading Lady Lilac'

If you want to order one from Plant Delights Nursery, here's a link. And here's a link to its page on the Proven Winners website. This next picture has some additional information.

bee balm, Monarda 'Leading Lady Lilac'

I thought about ordering a 'Leading Lady Lilac', but for my garden, I like the color on 'Leading Lady Plum' better.

Bee balm, Monarda

Here's a link for that one, and the next picture has more information.

bee balm, Monarda 'Leading Lady Plum'

Proven Winners had many more plants on display, but I've shown you my favorites. I think I'll wrap up this post with a pretty hanging basket they filled with Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist Carex, Dahlightful™ Georgia Peach Dahlia, and Supertunia® Latte Petunia.

Hanging basket




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