My name is Elaine Knight, and I live in south Alabama. We (my husband and myself) inherited our property from my grandparents, and we named it "Knight Oaks." This is where we live, work and play.

I love to garden and my husband loves to hunt and fish, so our property is perfect for our retirement years. We have two children and five grandchildren, and it is so much fun to watch our family grow up in the woods. To me the land means "Family," and for that reason it is dear to my heart.



Saturday Morning Grass Cut
by Elaine Knight - posted 07/23/11

Saturday morning has always been the day to cut the grass, but since living in the woods, we cut almost every day.  We cleared too much land for the yard, and now we have to keep it up.  It is work...........but I enjoy the clean cut grass.   It also seems that we should cook hamburgers on the grill after the grass cutting, but it is too hot; and we are too tired.  I do enjoy looking at the flowers after the cut; they seem to perk up.  I have posted a few shots taken this late July morning.............the crepe myrtle and knock out roses are signs of the South.  Hope that you enjoy.


This nice green border is known as Creeping Lily Turf (Liriope spicata) or in the South, the popular name is Monkey Grass.  It is my favorite border, but I remember that my grandmother would not plant it because it multiplies and becomes really thick.  It is still my favorite border.  The purple berries that appear in the late summer let the gardener know that fall is coming real soon.  The foliage stays green in the winter, although the freezing temps will burn it.  I cut mine back with the lawnmower in late winter or early spring, and the new rich green grass appears soon after the cut.......try Monkey Grass for a nice border. 

More Monkey Grass growing around the house.  I have daylilies, Loropetalum chinense, and of course, crepe myrtle in these beds.  I love the crepe myrtle, but in the deep South it loves the 90 degree temps, and tends to get too large, especially when it is so close to the house.  I will have to get out the clippers this winter.  The daylilies are what some call ditch lilies, and they tend to spread into the Monkey Grass.  But I am not a perfect gardener, and my beds are not always perfect.  To me the important thing about gardening is it gets the creative juices flowing, it is good for your health, and gives the gardener a Spiritual satisfaction.   I enjoy everything (except weeding) about gardening. 

A few more shots made on a late July morning. 


Crepe myrtle comes in so many different colors................Just a potted plant on the deck, the Dortmand rose that has really taken off this summer, and a few pears that show that summer will soon come to an end.  The cool crisp days of fall are just around the corner.  So keep on cutting the grass, keep yourself hydrated, and stay in the shade whenever possible.  Happy Gardening............. 






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