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from Alabama Gardener April 2014

  Healthy Soil ... Healthy Plants with Blue Ridge Organics Super Compost

The secret to beautiful flower gardens and bountiful vegetable gardens is in the soil. Amending your soil with Blue Ridge Organics Super Compost provides you with well-balanced, rich organic soil. This premium compost contains a unique blend of clean, non-toxic organic waste including agricultural materials, short paper fiber, food processing residuals and woody wastes — no biosolids — making it safe to use on all flowering plants, bulbs, trees, shrubs, lawns and vegetables. Give your garden a boost this spring by improving the soil organically and grow nature's way! Visit for product information and planting tips.

Protect Your Plants with Brolly

Tired of replacing your container plants every time they're damaged by too much rain, sun or wind? Brolly is a removable umbrella canopy system engineered and designed to protect container gardens from harsh and damaging weather conditions. Brolly offers the perfect, affordable solution: Enjoy your container plants in normal conditions, but protect them when harsh weather prevails. Replanting annuals is not only a nuisance, but is costly, and plants never deliver the same results if they constantly need to be replaced. Brolly is available in several sizes and colors, and can be used to protect a variety of species of plants. For more information or to shop for a Brolly, visit

  Get Growin’ the Easy Way – with Your Very Own Little Acre!

No yard? Poor soil? No tools? No time? No problem with the Little Acre by Easy Growin’! Simply fill, plant and grow. All the best of raised-bed gardening but with no effort. Anyone can have a beautiful and organic garden right out their back door – in just 30 minutes. Comes in two fabric patterns and three sizes. The large grow bags are made of durable, self-draining fabric. They are reusable from year to year and can be left outside during winter. Easy planting instructions and layouts are included so even the newest gardeners can enjoy a bountiful harvest. Visit

  Gardening with Kids’ Little Gardener's Wheelbarrow

Encourage children to participate in all your outdoor projects! The Gardening with Kids’ best-selling wheelbarrow is perfectly sized for budding gardeners. Quality, lightweight poly tray is tough enough to withstand years of use and it's molded rubber wheel lets kids maneuver full loads easily over bumpy ground. Weather-resistant, lacquered hardwood handles are sized right for small hands to grip. Ideal for children ages 4 and up. Visit



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