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from Alabama Gardener January/February 2015

  Grow Great Gardens Naturally 

Magic Dirt, a new product created by Cenergy USA, is a sustainable and recycled byproduct from the generation of renewable energy which betters the environment, eliminates waste, sustains natural resources and contributes to the health of the livestock.  Magic Dirt is certified as a Premium Potting Soil by the Mulch & Soil Council, certified by USDA BioPreferred Program as 100% BioBased and approved for use in organic production by the State of Idaho. Each cubic yard of Magic Dirt is the end result of generating over 100 kWh of renewable energy and eliminating more than 1,800 pounds of greenhouse gases from the environment as a sustainable alternative to peat moss. For more information, visit

Bring Your Wall to Life

Introducing the GroVert Mini! New for this season, the Mini is our most versatile product yet. The Mini measures under 10 inches square, and is specifically designed to go just about anywhere. It can be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall – wherever a homeowner’s space could use a little life. The unique design of the Mini provides a handy rear support that positions the frame at just the right angle to display your plants without losing soil – something BrightGreen Living Walls are known for. With its compact size and affordable price, the GroVert Mini makes a perfect gift, too. For more information, visit

  More Than an Ordinary Apron

The Roo Gardening Apron is a must-have tool that helps make gardening tasks such as harvesting your vegetables or pulling weeds considerably more hassle-free. Simply put on the Roo, fill the pouch and when you are done with the task, the cylinder chute allows you to easily dispose of your collection without messy fallout. It is available in several colors, made from industrial strength cotton for durability and is machine washable. Adjustable cotton straps fit any size and are designed to wear over the shoulders rather than the neck to provide all day comfort. The nylon pouch is water resistant and plastic hooks make release a snap. For more information, visit or call 509-879-0934.

100% Organic Potting Soil for Starting All Types of Seed

Organic Mechanics makes earth friendly 100% organic, peat-free potting soils, soil amendments, & fertilizers. Their ingredients are some of the most sustainable on the planet. Organic Mechanics products are living soils, full of beneficial biology from the high-quality compost and worm castings in their blends. The Seed Starting Blend is OMRI listed and is perfect for starting vegetable, herb, or flower seeds! For best results, water in thoroughly once seeds are planted. For more information and to view videos about Organic Mechanics, including a “Planting Seeds” video, visit or call Organic Mechanics at 610-380-4598.



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