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from Alabama Gardener June 2014

  The Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Your Plants 

Fleur de Lis Hydroponics developed the MyGrowPonics fertilizer series as a complete, balanced nutrient system to give growers consistent, dependable results. The formula, developed at Louisiana State University, provides a superior nutrient solution for hydroponic grower and offers traditional home gardeners an improved fertilizer. It gives plants the essential nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, plus additional micronutrients for optimum plant quality. Combined with a perfected blend of chelates, the system ensures nutrients are released exactly when needed to promote vigorous plant growth and high yields. For more information visit

The Right Tool Makes A Difference

A high-quality tool can last a lifetime and make the everyday tasks in the yard and garden much easier. The Joseph Bentley Digging Spade boasts a stainless-steel head so you can really slice through the soil. This sturdy spade is ideal for a wide variety of garden tasks including digging, turning soil and planting trees and flowers. The long steel shaft is joined to a wooden handle made of solid ash that features a contoured wishbone grip for greater comfort. For more information visit Available in fine gardening stores.

  Everything You Will Need – From Seed To Feed 

Garden in a Bucket provides all the essentials you nee to harvest healthy vegetables from a bountiful garden. Garden in a Bucket includes soil balancer, liquid calcium, liquid plant food and vegetable seeds. Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and the soil balancer and calcium provided in this kit will keep your soil alive and active. The seeds include corn, beans, peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon and squash. Our goal is to help you revitalize your soil so you can provide for your family in a sustainable way. Garden in a Bucket is for gardens between 1,000 - 2,000 square feet. For more information, visit

  Get Down 'N' Dirty With Heirloom Gardening Pants 

Duluth Trading’s easy-moving, dirt-dodging, lightweight and pocket-packed gardenwear is the only hot weather gear designed with athletic-inspired performance technology. 

Easy-moving: Heirloom Gardening Pants let you bend, squat, lunge and tiptoe in the tulips with unmatched freedom thanks to a relaxed fit and hidden Crouch Gusset™.

Dirt-dodging: Water-resistant knee pad pouches have easy-to-use exterior access while a stain- and water-resistant finish lets you weed and seed without worry.

Lightweight: UPF 50, midweight 70% cotton/30% nylon blend is perfect for cool mornings and sweltering afternoons. Adjustable elastic waistband with twill tape and plastic snap buckle fits both curvy and straight body shapes.

Pocket-packed: 2 front, 2 back, an 8" Pokey Things Pocket for your pruner, and stretchy loop for your gloves. You’ll dig ’em! For more information, visit



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