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from Alabama Gardener May 2014

  Protect & Enhance Your Plants with Pro-Mix BX Biofunficide + Mycorrhizae 

This unique product offers the protection of a top-quality biofungicide that reduces the incidence of root diseases and combines it with the growth enhancement qualities of the only 100% contaminant-free mycorrhizae available in the market. Mycorrhizae Premier Tech substantially increases the yield of fruits, flowers and foliage. It is a peat-based growing medium with perlite and vermiculite, making it suitable for a wide variety of growing applications. The lightweight, low bulk density makes it ideal for annuals, perennials and vegetables, plus it has high water retention capacity so your hanging pots and container gardens will thrive. For more information, visit

MOSS Tools Trowels – For Easier Planting and Transplanting

Forged from solid aluminum, the MT series trowels are guaranteed to make playing in dirt more enjoyable. The digging trowel (MT-1) is set apart with a sharp edge and tapered point and is strong enough to split wood, while the transplanting trowel (MT-2) boasts rounded edges to protect delicate roots and a deeper blade to make scooping soil and fertilizers a breeze. Both have bright yellow rubberized grips, blunt ends and a lifetime guarantee. To purchase, contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

  Barebone's DIY Raised-Bed Kit 

From seed to harvest, this easy to assemble 3-by-3 DIY raised bed kit makes gardening easier in any terrain or climate. Sustainable bamboo composite panels are both durable and beautiful. The tall design makes this plot of paradise ideal for deep-rooted vegetables. Straight from the box, the brackets are pre-assembled onto the board, so as soon as you open your kit, you can start building. The modular design enables users to expand their gardens by purchasing additional kits, or design customized beds with a kit and standard 2-by-12 boards. Kits include a liner and clips, posts (both 45 & 90 degree), rot- and weather-resistant bamboo composite sides, nylon post and stainless-steel brackets, posts and caps. Five-year warranty. For more information, visit or call 888-455-1303.

  Feed the Birds to See the Birds!

The Wingscapes AutoFeeder brings the latest in computer technology to the world of bird feeding. As the first programmable automatic bird feeder, the AutoFeeder uses a digital timer to dispense seed at the times you choose — up to four specific times each day —increasing the likelihood that there will be seeds in the feeder when you are there to watch birds feed. Plus, by controlling when bird seed is dispensed, it extends the time your feeder can go between fillings. Uses four AA batteries which will last for up to nine months and holds up to 1 gallon of bird seed so it will not have to be refilled for many weeks. The squirrel-resistant baffle protects the seed from hungry four-legged thieves, and heavy-duty construction ensures it will stand up to years of outdoor use. For more information visit



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