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from Alabama Gardener November/December 2014

  The Perfect Stocking Stuffer 

Mr. Carroll's Tin Canister of Twine is a great stocking stuffer that gardeners can put to good use throughout the year. This specially-wound spool of pliable, yet strong, twine is housed in a convenient tin, which eliminates tangles and provides an easy running supply, leaving both hands free as you work. Perfect for a variety of garden jobs including training a vine to a trellis, tying-up floppy stalks, and staking out areas. The all-natural twine is made of renewably harvested jute -- one of the strongest natural fibers on earth -- and is bio-degradable so it can actually go into the compost pile. Great to use instead of ribbon on your holiday packages too. Available in natural or dark green. To order or for more information call (847) 864-0785 or visit

Extend Your Plants Life with the Smart Soil Separator

Use the Smart Soil Separator to promote vigorous plant growth in your growing containers. Simply place the Smart Soil Separator into the bottom of your container or existing potted plant. It provides the perfect environment by creating a permanent airspace which prevents circling roots while encouraging fine branching roots that absorb moisture and nutrients. The Smart Soil Separator replaces the incorrect concept of adding rocks for drainage. It can be used in containers with a bottom measurement of 5”- 7.5”. Keep your container plants growing strong with the all new Smart Soil Separator! For more information or to order, visit or call 360-592-4285.

  Effective, Chemical-free, Reusable System to Stop Burrowing Pests in Your Yard 

Molecat is a durable product that is easy to setup and 100 percent effective at killing burrowing pests. The device uses the percussion from a .27 caliber Blank cartridge to exterminate moles, gophers, rats, ground squirrels, woodchucks and snakes. The intense shockwave blows the pest into the tunnel for a swift kill. Molecat has two built-in safeties that remain engaged until the device has been anchored into the exit hole of the pest. More efficient than a trap because the blast goes in all air spaces. No handling dead pests, no batteries, reloadable and made in the USA. For more information or to find retailers in your area, call 1-877-665-3228 or visit to see informative videos and read customer reviews. 

  It’s Time to Feed the Birds

If pesky squirrels are a problem, the Arundale Sky Cafe Bird Feeder is the feeder for you. The unique dome on this eco-friendly bird feeder causes squirrels to slide off the dome every time they try to get to the seed. Cardinals, chickadees, tufted titmice, woodpeckers and many other songbirds love this circular feeder. The huge 17” diameter dome also protects seed from rain and snow. Its large 1-½ gallon bucket capacity means fewer trips to refill. Easy-flow seed dispensing means birds peck at a seed and it falls onto the tray for easy dining. The durable Plexiglass lasts for many years and domes are offered in a variety of colors. To order or for more information, visit



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