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from Alabama Gardener October 2014

  Expand and Plant! 

It’s that easy with Wonder Soil Expand & Plant Premium Planting Mix. This lightweight, waterless soil which also contains essential nutrients for a stronger root system, faster germination and enhanced plant growth is amazing. The Expanding 10 lb. Coir Cube (pictured) is a top-quality, totally complete planting mix, compressed in cube form, formulated with worm castings, beneficial nutrients and extra water-saving polymers. It expands to over 2½ cubic feet when water is added, making it ideal for larger projects such as raised beds or new garden sections. To order or for more information, call 866-900-7645 (SOIL) or visit to explore the complete line of Wonder Soil products.

Attract More Birds With a New Line of Bird Feeders Made by People Who Really Love Birds

The Abundance Songbird Feeder is unique, versatile, easy to fill and easy to clean! It holds 6 pounds of seed and has six Stay Full Ports™. The patented Stay Full Ports™ evenly distribute the seed, so even when seed gets low you can keep more birds at your feeders! The feeding ports have easily adjustable perches and a snap-in thistle cover, so you can choose which birds you want to attract. The large opening on the top makes it a cinch to fill and separates into two parts, so you can clean it with ease … and even throw it in the dishwasher! The Abundance Songbird Feeder is perfect for any backyard or garden! Visit for more information and check out the video. Call 1-800-334-2518 to find retailers near you.

  Raised Garden Bed Kits for Your Spring Garden Needs

Black Locust Lumber USA Garden Bed Kits are the ideal solution for those looking to garden organically. With easy no-tool assembly, the kits feature rounded safety corners to eliminate hazardous edges and reduce garden hose entanglement. All kit components are sanded for a fine-finished look and to avoid splinters. Rot resistant for 50 years with no alteration or chemical treatment, Black Locust Garden Kits will protect the integrity of the soil and plants, while lasting a lifetime. A sustainably sourced, domestic hardwood tree of the Appalachian mountain range, black locust is the new domestic exotic, and all our products are raised and manufactured in the USA. For more information, go to



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