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from Alabama Gardener September 2014

  An Exciting New Way to Stimulate Health and Growth in Your Garden 

New Product — Worm Bombs! Gardens, yards and compost piles benefit from the help of nature’s greatest recyclers, worms! Worms turn kitchen scraps into thick, nutritious soil. Plant Worm Bombs like you would plant a seed — every egg is ready to hatch, just add warmth and water for growth! Each bomb contains over 50 clay cocoons full of five to 10 worm eggs, consisting of six different species of worms, including red wigglers and European nightcrawlers. Also included is a worm super-food that will speed up worm growth and increase worm success when you plant it with the worm eggs. If you aren’t ready to plant and hatch the worms right away, just store Worm Bombs in the refrigerator — the cold, dry climate will keep the eggs in their dormant state. After planting your worms, simply toss the 100% compostable packaging materials in your compost! Worm Bombs recently won several awards and received spectacular reviews. Visit or call 855-432-6866 for more information about ordering and availability.

  An Easy Way to Keep Your Water Garden Clean and Healthy

This complete line of safe, easy-to-use water treatment products by Swan's Water Gardens takes the hassle out of maintaining your water garden. The concentrated formulas come with step-by-step instructions, which alleviates the confusion of properly caring for your water garden and makes creating a healthy, well-balanced environment a snap. These products provide yearly seasonal care so your water garden is at its best year round, and that means more time to simply enjoy your water garden! It's great for ponds too. For more information, visit or call 913-592-2143.

  The Ultimate Plant and Bird-Feeder Hanger 

The hanger you’ve been searching for has finally arrived! SwingArm USA is the “ultimate plant and bird-feeder hanger.” This incredible bracket provides an unmatched weight capacity, yet swings in with ease for refilling feeders and watering plants. The outreach on the hangers gets your plants out into the sun and away from posts that can crush flowers. It also keeps birdseed away from your decks and deters hungry critters with the extended outreach. Many models are available to meet all needs. For orders or questions, check out or call 573-552-8321.



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