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One Cool Table
by Kathleen Hennessy       #Crafts   #How to

If you have ever received a shipment of steaks or seafood, you may have wondered if there was another use for the Styrofoam cooler the product was shipped in. Not wanting to send it to the landfill, we’ve had one sitting in the rafters of our garage for a while. It’s now getting a new use as a cooler table. 

The design of this table is a basic box with legs. We used inexpensive 1x4 inch and 1x6 inch pine boards and gold, triple-coated deck screws. Because you design the table to fit around your cooler, you can use any type of cooler you have on hand.



1. Measure your cooler to determine the box width, length, and height. Add 6 inches to the length side and three inches to the width side to allow room for the cooler.

2. Measure the boards for the legs, sides, front and back of the table. Our legs measure 26 inches. The front is 28 inches and sides are 21 inches.

3. Cut each of the boards to length.

4. Assemble the legs using a nail gun.

5. Screw the front and back boards to the inside of the legs.

6. Attach the sides, front and back together.

7. Screw in 1x2 inch boards to create a base for the bottom of the table.

8. Place the boards on top of the base and secure with screws.

9. We attached 1x3 inch trim pieces with a nail gun for a more styled look.


10. Create the tabletop using 1x4 inch boards to create a frame. Drill pocket holes into 1x4 inch boards. Fill in the frame by attaching the boards with screws. Attach the top with hinges.

11. The completed table features handles on the sides and a bottle opener on the front.

12. Filled with your favorite beverages this cooler table is ready for entertaining.


A version of this article appeared in May/June 2016 print edition of State-by-State Gardening.
Photography courtesy of Maggie Head.


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Kate838 - 08/17/2016

As it turned out, it is rather simple to do a similar thing with your hands. This table became simply indispensable for any good host.

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