Lynn Rogers is a former high school biology and Spanish teacher. She is a Washington County Master Gardener, a garden writer and a singer in her church choir. She is a proponent of organic gardening and is a plant collector.


What is blooming early in your garden?
by Lynn Rogers - posted 02/06/13

Grape holly bloom clusters.

‘John Clayton’ honeysuckle with crossvine
Winter daphne has the sweetest lemony blooms, better than gardenia for me.

My first daffodil to bloom this year, in January, was Erlicheer. It is very uncommon to see it in bloom so early. Fragrant Daphne is blooming a little early and my Flowering Japanese Apricot continues blooming, since its December debut! ‘John Clayton’ and ‘Red Cascade’ native honeysuckles are blooming, too. My vernal witchhazel is in full bloom. The Oregon Grapehollies (Mahonia) are blooming and the bees are flocking to them. Several daffodils are budded to open any day. All of my hellebores are blooming and started in January. Tell me what is blooming early for you.

Hellebores, also called Lenten roses are in full bloom, all colors.




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