Sharon Johnson of Columbia, S.C., is a passionate gardener, a point that is made obvious by the fact that she lives on a small lot, full of concrete pads, yet she has found a way to have a beautiful garden full of flowers, fruits, vegetable and herbs. Some are in containers, some are not. Her blog will document the adventures of gardening in pots, fending off deer and small animals and the trials of organic gardening.


5 Things You Should Know About Me
by Sharon Johnson - posted 12/15/10

1- Gardening is my heritage. My parents were part of the Back-to-the-Land movement. Gardening became part of our lives. My little red wagon and I toiled many hours in the garden, going up and down row upon row of corn, tomatoes, beans, okra, peas, broccoli, onions, potatoes, watermelon and peanuts. That seasonal rhythm becomes part of you, absorbs you, calls to you from the distant past no matter how far you lose yourself in the big city.

2- Cooking/preserving naturally follows a good harvest. Processing the food we grew was part of the cycle. As a child I learned to shuck, pick, peel, and prepare all kinds of food.

3- Animals are part of gardening. While tending said garden, I've had black snakes shoot between my feet, bunnies scurry away, and birds peck away my seed. They fascinate me. They don't plant, plow or harvest but are tended by angels' hands, who am I to thwart these divine efforts?

4- So are bugs. And some of these I DO thwart...and kick, cuss, crush and kill...after all, they number seemingly thousands at once, why are they eating my TWO tomatoes before I reap the bounty? Others I love...the butterflies, the bees, and the worms...ah, the worms. I have worms...ask me about them.

5- My garden sits on concrete. Necessity begets invention. I live on a concrete pad, rather my house sits on a concrete pad with 5' setbacks, if I can garden here, I can garden anywhere. You should join me. The advantages of my garden outweigh its diminutive size and if I ever find myself in possession of larger outdoor premises, I promise, you will still see pots on the patio!

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