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Are your tools ready for spring?
by Connie Cottingham - posted 02/02/12


Last summer my riding mower had a run-in with an ax lying in the field. The mower shaved a chunk of metal from the ax and kept going for the rest of the season, although she acquired a creative tilt to the cut. So I called GreenSouth Equipment in Athens to see how I could bring her into the shop for maintenance. The next morning I parked the mower in my back yard before I left for work, they picked it up and delivered it back to me that evening with a level deck, maintenance package done and some service advice (adjusting two bolts will lessen the wear on the deck – I can do that!) From now on my mowers get tune-ups in January instead of waiting until March when everyone is trying to get their equipment running.  

People who can tune up their own equipment have my utmost respect, but even they should try to tend to their garden equipment and tools now instead of waiting until spring garden chores demand our time. So tune up the mowers, edgers, tillers and more, sharpen tools, clean out the garden shed or garage now - you will be so glad you did in a few weeks once Spring has sprung. I’m excited that my mowers are ready for spring – so excited I may clean my tool cart and sharpen my shovels this weekend.

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