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Garden Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
by Connie Cottingham - posted 12/20/11

Kudos to the Atlanta Botanical Garden for creating a magical world that brings families and friends together, outside, in a garden during the holiday season! Sunday night a friend took me to see the Garden Lights exhibit and it is amazing: not only the lights, but the entire atmosphere and being surrounded by a crowd truly enjoying themselves and each other. The only grumpy one I saw there was a toad with an attitude inside the Conservatory - definately wanted us out of his life. Log onto the Atlanta Botanical Garden website for more information and tickets. They were sold out the day before I went, so you may want to purchase your tickets online. 




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Jean McWeeney - 12/20/2011

Wow, that's beautiful. I really need to get to Atlanta one of these days soon.
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