Bonnie Helander began her love of gardening while living and working in San Diego. After retirement, she moved back home to Georgia with husband, Dan, and now resides and gardens in Peachtree City (Zone 8a) where she is a member of the Peachtree City Garden Club. Bonnie is the gardening writer and blogger for Fayette Woman magazine and also blogs and writes for Georgia Gardening Magazine. Besides gardening, Bonnie loves nature and hiking and is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia and avid supporter of the Bulldog nation.


Autumn…the Best Season of the Year!
by Bonnie Helander - posted 10/11/12

Each year in October when the weather starts to cool, I decide that fall really is the best season of the year. The air is crisp, the leaves are turning rich colors and the annoying bugs are mostly gone.  It is a great time to be out in the garden (or at a college football game)!


I am planning some major projects for the coming weeks. My front yard (which really is more a “yard” than a garden) needs some real attention. Three river birch trees are shading out the grass and I have big dirt patches. I want to mulch the entire area and add more shrubs. But I need to think about this more.

Right now I am enjoying my “real” garden in the back of my house.  I’ll share some photos with you of how my garden looks in autumn before the leaves start to fall profusely and take over the place!  Pretty soon I will need to net the pond and start raking leaves into my compost bins. Before you know it, winter will be here and I’ll be thinking about my new “favorite season” – spring!  But for now –it’s nice to enjoy the wonder of autumn.


Fall containers on my back deck

My succulent "head" is coming along nicely!

My pond is still looking good but I'll have to net it in the weeks ahead before the leaves start to fall.

Vines are starting to fill around the rocks that hide my pond filters.

Leaves starting to fall in the upper garden. Fall is here!



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