Linda Kimmel is a certified American Rose Society horticulture judge and a consulting rosarian. She grows about 300 roses, and has a passion for shrubs and old garden roses.

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Recipe for Organic Soil Conditioner that Roses Love
by Linda Kimmel       #Roses   #Soil

‘New Dawn’ climber is extremely vigorous, upright, and it blooms heavily in the spring. Deadheading encourages repeat blooming. Photo by Linda Kimmel.

(Mix by volume)


2 parts alfalfa meal

1 part blood meal

1 part cotton seed meal

1 part fish meal

1 part bone meal


Place the ingredients into a large bin, small wagon or wheel barrow. Since this job can create considerable dust, protect yourself with a dust mask and work in a well-ventilated area. Use a small shovel to mix the ingredients well. Use about 2 cups of the mixture around mature rose bushes, and 1 cup around miniature roses or smaller shrubs. Apply this mix twice a year, once in the early spring (March-April) and again late summer (July-August). A large plastic drinking cup from a fast food restaurant makes a great scoop. Work the organic mix into the topsoil and water well. All of your plants, flowers and turf will love this organic soil conditioner. Share any leftovers with other garden plants, or save the leftovers in a plastic bucket with an air-tight lid for later use.


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