I am an avid (addicted) gardener who lives in zone 8b/9. I got the gardening bug when I bought my house in 2005. There were just a few azaleas growing onto the house and not much else. Starting with a blank slate, I planted my first bed in the spring of 2006 and that's all I needed to begin a marathon of bed building throughout my yard. My goal is to create a "park-like" atmosphere - a place to escape and appreciate all that a garden offers. I'm looking to create some type of diary on the progression of my garden and share my gardening experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly!

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Eat Your Cabbage!
by Jason Redmon - posted 01/04/11

Happy New Year everyone.  I'm enjoying the first day of the year by preparing a late afternoon lunch for Robby and myself. 

It's my first time planting cabbage this year and I'm not sure what I did right but the cabbage was ready to harvest today!  It sure felt pretty cool to walk to the kitchen garden and pick a couple of heads of cabbage.  Straight from Mother Earth to the kitchen pot.  You can't get any fresher than that!

So here it is January 1st and I'm still gardening.  I wonder what I will be able to do in the garden next month?  I'm sure I'll think of something!


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Tomatoes + Frost = Dead Tomatoes
by Jason Redmon - posted 12/11/10

Well I've learned this year that if you want a fall harvest of tomatoes, you should plant them in August. 

I planted 3 plants on September 1st and was so close to having a huge harvest of beautiful tomatoes.  Last night the temperature dropped to 32 and had a bit of frost, therefore the tomato plants got brown.  I picked a bunch of tomatoes off in hopes that they will ripen inside the house. 



  On a brighter note, the broccoli rocked out and was a success!


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