I am an avid (addicted) gardener who lives in zone 8b/9. I got the gardening bug when I bought my house in 2005. There were just a few azaleas growing onto the house and not much else. Starting with a blank slate, I planted my first bed in the spring of 2006 and that's all I needed to begin a marathon of bed building throughout my yard. My goal is to create a "park-like" atmosphere - a place to escape and appreciate all that a garden offers. I'm looking to create some type of diary on the progression of my garden and share my gardening experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly!

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Granny Jo’s Fountain
by Jason Redmon - posted 04/23/13

Last Spring my grandmother, Granny Jo, passed away.  She had a long battle with cancer and even though we watched her slowly die, her death was still a shock.  It was a tremendous loss for our family. 

With her passing, she left me her garden fountain.  A little dutch girl that pours into a pedestal basin.  It had been a Mother's Day gift to her many years before. 

I contemplated where I was going to place it.  I walked through the garden a number of times looking for the perfect spot.  Ironically, I didn't find the perfect spot until I was inside my house, looking out a pair of windows in my living room. 

This is the back side of the foundation bed in front of my house.  The Loropetalum had been limbed up and created an open space.  I had just recently planted some Autumn Fern to fill in the zone.  How perfect of a spot for Granny Jo's fountain!!

The fountain was meant to be there and is so calming to watch.  

I didn't realize in placing the fountain at my window that I would get a whole lot more than just a fountain.  Birds, birds and more birds bathe here daily.  The Cardinals and Blue Jays are the main users of the fountain but Mocking Birds, and what I call Chickadee birds use it as well. 


Here is a Blue Jay bathing.  The pictures are in order of me taking them.  I can't get to close to the window because it scares them off, so forgive the not so perfect shots. wink

Being a gardener and creating this space around my home has been such a rewarding experience.  The garden is constantly reminding me of how beautiful life is.  Although the sorrow and loss of Granny Jo is still there, her gracious love continues to flow and her fountain reminds me of it every time I look out my window. 

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Mini Parterre
by Jason Redmon - posted 03/12/13

So the issue I have is that I love all types of gardens.  I love them so much, that I want all types in my own garden.  Impossible right?  Maybe so, but it doesn't stop me from trying.  Which brings us to the Parterre garden. 

A parterre garden is a formal garden that usually has beds arranged in a symmetrical pattern.  Lots of hollies and boxwood type shrubs are pruned into all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

Like this one:

This was my inspiration picture.  When I come across a garden that I like I always save the picture.  Although nothing can really be duplicated, many ideas can be morphed into something that works in your own garden.  For me this simple Parterre inspired me and was the picture that helped me bring a little Parterre into my own little Garden.

I had an old vegetable garden that I had transformed into a holding garden (#toomanyplants).  It was just the right space to get the Parterre that I wanted. 

With the help of Cindy Jordan of Sugar Magnolia Landscaping.  We ripped out the raised boxes and shoveled most of the pea gravel from the area.  The neighborhood cats discovered the pea gravel and decided to make it their litter box.  Not fun.  So the pea gravel was replaced with larger rocks that the cats wouldn't find appealing. 

The larger rocks that are replacing the pea gravel in the Parterre.

Landscape edging was used to create the boxes for the Parterre. 

The finished Parterre.  Due to limited space, I used Mondo Grass in place of the boxwood type hedges in my "inspiration" picture.  And Cone Hollies were planted as the center piece of each box.  This is where many shapes can be displayed.  I'm coning mine to repeat the Cone Hollies I have in my front yard.  Repetition is very important in a garden. 


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One Hundred Thoughts in One Bloom
by Jason Redmon - posted 03/05/13

Mrs. B.R. Cant is welcoming Spring. 

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