I am an avid (addicted) gardener who lives in zone 8b/9. I got the gardening bug when I bought my house in 2005. There were just a few azaleas growing onto the house and not much else. Starting with a blank slate, I planted my first bed in the spring of 2006 and that's all I needed to begin a marathon of bed building throughout my yard. My goal is to create a "park-like" atmosphere - a place to escape and appreciate all that a garden offers. I'm looking to create some type of diary on the progression of my garden and share my gardening experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly!

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Purple Coneflower
by Jason Redmon - posted 04/19/12

Purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is one of the most rewarding perennials I have.  It is hardy and a blooming machine.  It's also the # 1 plant that I am asked about when someone is touring my garden.  I get the "What is that plant?" and the "I love that plant!" and the "I love that plant!  What is it?" statements all the time.  Even my 5 year old niece, Charlotte, requests cuttings of it frequently.  It is a bold and unique plant that gives more than it takes.

Like most perennials, I have found that it takes a year for them to truly show their greatness.  They bloom all of spring and summer and a bit into fall.  Now this past year, due to our mild winter, my Echinacea never stopped blooming.  No, I'm not kidding!  They have been blooming for a full year as I write this.  Now, what more can you ask for? 

There are new varieties out that bloom different colors.  I'm experimenting with a white one called "powwow".  It is supposed to be a smaller variety and does seem that way.  I planted groupings of them last spring and they seem to be filling out.  No blooms yet on these though but the future looks promising.  I'll keep you updated on the "powwow" progress.

So, go out and try a few of the original purple coneflower.  You won't be disappointed.  Just give them a little sun and a little water.  In return they will give a whole lot of love.

This Echinacea purpurea in my front garden is mixed with daylilies, annuals and roses.  It is called a cone flower because of its prominent cone in its center. 


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Daylily Bloom Already?
by Jason Redmon - posted 04/03/12

What's this?  I walk out side early this morning and there is a Daylily bloom!  I do have varieties that bloom early in the season but that is still late April, not at the very beginning.  Upon further inspection I have found many more Daylilies with big buds on them.  I guess this mild winter has everything happening a bit sooner than usual.  

So without further adieu...The 1st Daylily bloom in my garden.


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Wordless Wednesday
by Jason Redmon - posted 03/28/12


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