I am an avid (addicted) gardener who lives in zone 8b/9. I got the gardening bug when I bought my house in 2005. There were just a few azaleas growing onto the house and not much else. Starting with a blank slate, I planted my first bed in the spring of 2006 and that's all I needed to begin a marathon of bed building throughout my yard. My goal is to create a "park-like" atmosphere - a place to escape and appreciate all that a garden offers. I'm looking to create some type of diary on the progression of my garden and share my gardening experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly!

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I’m All About Hydrangeas
by Jason Redmon - posted 05/10/12

People think I have some sort of secret on how to take care of hydrangeas.  Well, I do.  It is really a simple answer. Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  They are a collection of hydrangeas that can bloom on both new and old growth.  I have found them to be very hardy and have had HUGE success with them.  I have also insisted on friends planting them and they having just as much success.  I have the Original and Twist-n -Shout.  Aside from them being very hardy, they bloom all season long.  I even have blooms in DECEMBER!  You can check out their website  here.  Also another great site to read about hydrangeas in general is the Hydrangeas Hydrangeas site. 

My Original Endless Summer Hydrangeas are planted in my front yard.  Here is a few of them with some pots of annuals.

This hydrangea is blue.  I'm having an array of colors on the hydrangeas this year.  My soil must be wacky because some are blue, some are pink and some have a mix on them.  

Here is the Endless Summer Twist N Shout. It's newer to my garden but seems to be doing well.  I have this lace cap variety in my back garden.  It fits the tranquil space back there.

My friend Kate, has had great success with her's as well.  Her hedge has all turned pink and stayed that way.  You can alter the soil to make them blue or pink but Kate, like myself, have too many things in the garden to deal with.  So we both let the hydrangeas do what they want.  I believe these have been planted for about a year and a half.

Another shot of her hydrangea hedge.  I love what she has done with this bed.

Here is me with my largest and oldest Original Endless Summer.  This one was planted in 2007.  I have enjoyed it so much, I have since added 5 more.  They are on there way to creating a hedge on the back side of my island bed.  I get to enjoy them from my kitchen and living room windows.  

And of course my gardening buddy Stella, insisted on getting her photo taken as well.  After all, she does all the work!cheeky  And just look at that bloom!!! It's bigger than her head.  


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What’s Going On In My Garden….
by Jason Redmon - posted 03/07/12


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Some Things Happen By Luck
by Jason Redmon - posted 02/15/12

We have been going through a bedroom remodel.  So being put into a period of upheaval combined with it being winter, I can only say that well.....I've been distracted.  Now things are settling down and I can focus on the garden once again.  The remodel went well and the bedroom turned out awesome.  However, the biggest surprise was the role the garden has played in making the bedroom super awesome!  

We replaced the 2 old yucky windows that we never looked out of because there were old and yucky and we added a 3rd one right between them.  So what a surprise it was to see through the new windows that there was a terrific garden on the other side.  The question now is does the new bedroom make the garden or does the garden make the new bedroom?


The 1st view of the new bedroom, walking into it.  You can see the windows to the right.

Now we are turning into the bedroom and here is the 1st glimpse of the garden through the 3 windows.

Here is a full view from the bed.  Isn't that awesome.  The view is just filled with plants.



The following pictures are taken from the windows.  I'm placing them in order from left to right so that you can get a visual of what it looks like in its entirety.

The allee is on the left and my favorite rose, Mrs. B. R. Cant is on the right.  This was a big surprise to see how great the garden looked from the bedroom.  There was never much thought when designing the garden about its view from this vantage point.  Sometimes no matter how much you plan and plan and plan, things can still fall into place unexpectedly. 


I'm a big believer in a hedge.  The Sweet Viburnum along the back is a hardy evergreen shrub.  It grows quickly and will satisfy the most impatient gardener with its stamina.  The hedge has blocked out all of the roof tops around me.  Making my garden feel  cozy, private and even enchanting.  Looking out and seeing a wooden privacy fence would not give the same experience. When walking into this garden, you forget that you are in the heart of the city. 

I just can't wait for spring when the Natchez Crepe Myrtles leaf out and Mrs. B. R. Cant starts blooming.  What a sight that will be!  I'll be sure to post more photos from this view point as the seasons change. 




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