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Viburnum ‘Cardinal Candy’
by Alice Longfellow       #Plant Profile

The bright-red fruit of ‘Cardinal Candy’ viburnum will feed birds well into winter.

One of the showiest viburnums for the landscape is ‘Cardinal Candy’. Its bright-red fruit creates quite a show in the fall, not to be outdone by the cream-colored flowers in spring, as well as the dark-green lustrous leaves that turn maroon and linger until November.

Like many of the viburnums, ‘Cardinal Candy’ has proven to be a reliable and very hardy landscaping shrub for many situations. Because of its large size, 6 to 8 feet tall and 8 to10 feet wide, it can be used as a screen or in a shrub border. The upright habit is sturdy and provides a nice backdrop for smaller shrubs or perennials.

The abundant fruit of ‘Cardinal Candy’ (and most other viburnums) is attractive to birds, feeding them well into the winter. If fruit set is low, another Viburnum dilatatum (including ‘Cardinal Candy’) can be planted nearby to ensure better pollination.

In addition to being versatile to soil types, Viburnum ‘Cardinal Candy’ grows in full or partial sun. It is hardy to Zones 4 to 8 and has performed well in Midwest landscapes. It is also deer resistant.


‘Cardinal Candy’ viburnum is a durable and hardy shrub for landscaping.

Common Name: ‘Cardinal Candy’ viburnum

Botanical Name: Viburnum dilatatum ‘Cardinal Candy’

Varieties: ‘Cardinal Candy’

Flower Color: Creamy white

Bloom Period: Late April or early May

Type: Shrub

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

When to Plant: Spring or fall

Watering: Medium moisture, drought tolerant when established

When to Prune: After blooming in the spring

In Your Landscape: This viburnum can be used as a screen, a backdrop to other plants or in large foundation plantings.


(Photos courtesy of Proven Winners.)



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