Neil Moran gardens in northern Michigan and is anxious to see gardeners succeed in the cold climate. To this end he has published two books on gardening in the north country and an ebook on how to save money when buying garden tools and other products. He also taught horticulture for over 12 years and conducts garden workshops.


Labor Saving Gardening Tool
by Neil Moran - posted 03/05/13

Next to my garden hoe, there’s no garden tool I cherish more than my Proplugger 5 in 1. I’ve used this tool to plant tulip bulbs, garlic bulbs, and to repair the sod in my yard by pulling plugs of good sod from one area of my yard and plugging it into a bare spot.  I’ve even used it to plant bedding plants. With the Proplugger you can pull out a plug of soil with the tool, then drop a bedding plant through the top of the tool and it will slide right down and into the hole. It saves a lot of bending over!

The original purpose of this tool was to pull plugs of good turf from one area of your lawn and plug it into a bare spot you’re trying to repair. The grass you pull needs to be a spreading type of grass. In the northern part of the country we’re most likely talking about Kentucky Bluegrass or Creeping Red Fescue. This feature alone can save you a lot of time and money over fussing with seed or bringing in expensive sod. In my case, I removed several plugs of Kentucky Bluegrass from one section of a lawn and plugged it into some bare spots in another area.  I filled the holes with coco peat discs that expand when it gets wet. Time will tell how well the plugs will fill in the bare spots, but the theory appears sound. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

When using the ProPlugger to repair a bare spot in the lawn or plant sod plugs, be sure to prep the area to be repaired by removing the weeds either by hand or with an herbicide. If the soil is really crappy you may even want to add some good topsoil and/or well rotted compost to it, mixing it in to the top 4-6 inches of soil. Be sure to water once per week to encourage the plugs to take root and spread. Lightly fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer.

I won’t go into any more details of how it works, you can view the video at

The Proplugger will make gardening easier for you. It has for me. This is a tool that was given to me by the manufacturer and I have written informational blog posts for the website, Above photo courtesy of

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