Neil Moran gardens in northern Michigan and is anxious to see gardeners succeed in the cold climate. To this end he has published two books on gardening in the north country and an ebook on how to save money when buying garden tools and other products. He also taught horticulture for over 12 years and conducts garden workshops.


The Garden Scribe Organizer
by Neil Moran - posted 06/24/13

Between seed starting and turning over my garden, I got a chance to take a look at the Garden Scribe Organizer that arrived by FedEx the other day. And boy do I need organizing! My current system of keeping track of my plant collection and garden activities consists of a clay pot full of plant tags, a somewhat cohesive garden journal in a composition book, and a whole bunch of scribbles on papers and scattered notes in books.
                The Garden Scribe is my reminder that there is a better way. The large three- ring binder   contains a logical system to get organized. Colorful tabs divide plants into trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Plastic sleeves allow you to stick the plant tags adjacent to journal pages that indicate the information you should be recording (such as need for light, water, etc).  The work is done for you, in a lot of ways; all you have to do is add plant information that you should be paying attention to anyways.
                The Garden Scribe also includes a template so you can design your own flower bed or small landscape. Several sheets of graph paper are included so you can draw to scale. All you need is some colored pencils! If you’d like longer and wider paper to drawn your flower bed or landscape use larger paper with no lines and draw to scale using a ruler or architect scale, drawing to a scale of  1/2 “= 1’,1/4” =1’ or 1/8” =1.’
                I like the idea of using the sleeves and journal pages to help me get organized and have the growing tips at my finger tips. Cataloging my plants will also help me to remember the names of the plants. I think I’ll also use it to jot down where I purchased the plant and some personal notes about each one.
                The Garden Scribe Organizer also comes in a mini size, for those who think the popular selling three- ring binder is a bit much.
                As a required disclaimer bloggers need to adhere to, I must tell you I’ve done work (writing) for the originator of the Garden Scribe Organizer. I’ve been lucky to be able to writer about products that I believe in, including the Garden Scribe Organizer. If you’re interested in purchasing the Garden Scribe Organizer go to


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