Karen Atkins is the owner of Proper Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She designed the Victorian Gardens for the Merrick Art Gallery, the Pioneer Entrance Garden for Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, and many award-winning gardens for residential clients. Karen loves to help and hear from other gardeners.

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Pumpkin Flower Vases
by Karen Atkins - posted 09/16/14

Get Your Cinderella On!


Isn’t it thoughtful of Mother Nature to provide us with such a wide array of vases for flower arrangements each fall? Pumpkins come in every shade of orange, and white. Some are even dappled.  I like to find pumpkins that are large enough to hold a plastic coffee can inside them for water. You can too. Clean out your pumpkin, saving the seeds. Rinse them and dry them really well with paper towels. Toss the seeds with vegetable oil and a little salt and bake them on 350 until they are toasty and brown. While they bake, go around the yard, scavenging for branches, berries, roses and sunflowers for your vase.photo courtesy dreamstime.com



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