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Time to Order Chicks
by Karen Atkins - posted 03/18/14

This is our first year in MIchigan. Thankfully we've landed in a town with a proper hatchery nearby. This is great, because the survival rate for chicks sent through the mail is not encouraging.  Townline Hatchery in Zeeland in on my radar. They have so many beautiful breeds in their on-line catalog it is hard to decide. I think I'll let Henry and Zoe each pick one. Anybody out there have a preference for any of these breeds that we don't yet have? We can choose from  New Hampshire Reds, Ambers, ISA Browns, Rhode Island Reds, Light Brahmas, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Black Jersey Giants, or Black Australorps. Let us know if you have a favorite -please comment here or email; propergardensgrandrapids@gmail.com

Thanks, and Happy Spring!



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Christopher (Louisiana - Zone 8a) - 03/19/2014

My list of chicks to buy "one day" is Rhode Island Red (or maybe Plymouth Rock), Golden Laced Polish, Silkie and Ameraucana. I love the look of the Silkies and the laced chickens. I don't think the Polish is an exceptional layer or brooder. She wouldn't really earn her keep, but would be more of a pet. I want some egg color outside the standard white/brown, so Ameraucana seems like a nice fit. Rhode Island Reds should good workhorse layers. Someone has to bring home the bacon.
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Karen Atkins (Michigan - Zone 6A) - 07/13/2014

Forgive my late response. I will take your advice. Thank you very much gor your input!
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