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Henderson’s Daphne
by Joseph Tychonievich - posted 02/07/14

Fragrant, pink, trumpet-shaped flowers adorn Henderson’s daphne in spring and again in late summer.

See Daphne x hendersonii in the garden and first, you fall in love with the dense, gorgeous, glossy, dark, evergreen foliage. Already in love with the leaves, you’ll faint when spring comes and the shrub covers itself with lush clusters of rich pink flowers. Bend down for a closer look and catch a whiff of that incredible fragrance and you’re a goner. Even better? Come late summer it blooms again, just as profusely and fragrantly.

Deer and insect resistant, the only key to growing this and other daphnes is excellent drainage. Plant them in sandy soil. If you have clay, stick them in a raised bed or large container full of sand, and then just don’t water them.

Common Name: Henderson’s Daphne

Botanical Name: Daphne x hendersonii

Color: Pink

Blooming Period: May and July/August

Type: Evergreen shrub, hardy in USDA Zones 5 though 8

Size: 8 inches tall, up to 18 inches wide

Exposure: Sun to part shade

When to Plant: Spring

Soil: Extremely well drained

Watering: Water when you plant, then leave them alone! Wet will kill them.

In Your Landscape: Place daphne in raised beds and troughs to bring those fragrant flowers closer to your nose. 

Daphne x hendersonii

From Michigan Gardening Magazine Volume I Issue 2. Photos by Joseph Tychonievich


Joseph Tychonievich is nursery manager of Arrowhead Alpines in Fowlerville.