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Berries are bursting!
by Stacey Mollus - posted 04/03/14

Watching Dr.Oz the other day made me realize I did the right thing last year by planting some strawberries. The great doctor stated that strawberries can do more for lowering cholesterol than oatmeal. My motives for planting a berry patch was not to make my blood tests more acceptable, I did it because the flavor of a pesticide free, fresh berry would knock the socks off of my family.

I wasn't sure what kind of berries were the best or how many plants I should plant, but from what I had been told by other berry growers, they are so easy to care for, I had to take a chance.

I put in a bundle of June Bearing berries (larger, but only harvest once a year), and a bunch of ever-bearing (smaller berries, but harvest all summer), and hoped for success. I can honestly say, if you count success by how fat the strawberry fed bunny rabbits are that live in my yard, then I am the Queen of Berries. Sadly, I can say I only got three berries after putting in over twenty plants, because those little fluffy creatures ate almost everything! I would see an unripened berry one morning, and by the next day, I would find the berry with a huge bite taken out of it. I did consider eating around the bite mark, but I knew I just couldn't trust where a rabbits lips have been, smile 

Some friends of mine planted strawberries as if they were annuals, growing them in flowerpots, raised beds, and even hanging, plastic bags, then they dispose of the plants at the end of fall. Personally, I wanted a berry patch that came back and filled in each year, getting larger and larger. In the hopes they would not die off, I babied those suckers, covering them to protect them from the cold winter winds.
Since I am confident the snows have passed, I crossed my fingers this week and began pulling back the dead leaves I covered the yearling plants with to protect them from freezing. Wow, was I happy to see several little green plants popping up from the ground! I did a little dance of joy, The berries made it through their first winter. I must have done something right. 

Now I patiently wait to see what type of harvest I will get after all of my dedication. I just hope the rabbits and I can come to some type of compromise. I will gladly share with them as long as they leave me enough to make at least one jar of homemade jam. 



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