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The Arch Enemy of the Green Bean
by Stacey Mollus - posted 08/25/14

Coming to the end of the growing season, but not if you are a bunny rabbit. Those little suckers never stop!
These little critters can be such a gardening nuisance, eating everything that grows, then using the energy they acquire from such a healthy diet to play a very scary game of tag with your golden retrievers.

Some folks see these fluffy fellas as a garden pest, but how can they be categorized as villains when they are so darn cute?
Recently, I went out to the garden with my hubby and my sixth sense told me there was a mouse in there, somewhere. (I have a gift when it comes to detecting rodents, and don't even need to see one to let you know it is close at hand.)
Because I was convinced "Mickey" was out there, I was on high alert.

As I was harvesting the cucumbers that were growing, my husband moved over to grab some green beans from the vines. I moved closer to him, to supervise his actions, when suddenly, a small furry animal ran across the top of my foot. I screamed as if my hair was on fire, ran in place like a carton character, then fell against the fence, which was a good thing, because my ears were ringing and I needed the support so I wouldn't fall to the ground.

Convinced I was now infected with the Bubonic plague because of my contact with a rodent, I turned to my husband to tell him my good-byes, but he didn't seem to be having the same response I was having. Rather than sharing my hysteria, he was bent over with laughter.

I began to cry real tears. "A mouse just touched me!" I yelled.  He stood upright, and through his chuckles said, "It wasn't a mouse. It was a tiny bunny!"
The ringing had stopped in my ears and the feeling was returning to my hands and lips, as I tried to process the most shocking moment of my life.

My worse fear has always been to be touched by a mouse, and in my mind that had just happened, but now he was telling me it wasn't an evil, disease carrying, creature of the darkness, but instead, a sweet, soft, cuddly, pink-nosed bunny rabbit that made contact with my skin. It was almost more than my brain could process.

I drug my noodle legs to the porch to sit and contemplate what had just occurred, and realized my life-long fear had just been broken. Now that I had a wild animal run across my foot, I realized it wasn't all that bad, and if a bunny could do it, a mouse could do the same thing and I would live. (Now, when I say live, I mean I will still scream, throw things, maybe wet my pants, etc,. but I would live.)

So today, I want to encourage you to look past all the damage these long-eared hoppers do, and consider the joy they bring to your yard. For you, that joy may not be like meeting with Dr. Phil and having a troublesome phobia be broken from your life, but your joy might come from watching the silly antics that bunny performs while smashing down all of your gorgeous petunias.

All I know is, I will eternally be grateful for the big-eyed bouncer for setting me free!



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