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Time to Hit the Sales
by Stacey Mollus - posted 07/11/14

Hot temperatures and mowing can consume our gardening focus this time of year, but there is something we must not overlook and that is, SALES! Once we pass Independence Day, garden centers and department stores everywhere are marking down prices on outdoor and gardening items so they can make room for fall merchandise. (Ugh! I'm not ready for fall yet!)

I used to go looking for the perfect lawn ornaments in the spring when my gardens woke up, but I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when I put in three new flowerbeds around my house, requiring the purchase of a LOT of new "garden bling". Since I spent the early months of the year digging and planting those new beds, by the time I began shopping, I was buying items clearance priced up to 75% off.  And since these durable and long-lasting items are manufactured to give me years of enjoyment, buying them a couple months into summer was not a big deal.

I now know, this is the time of year when the retailers are offering whirligigs, flags, stained glass stakes, and tiki torches at rock bottom prices, so this is when I stock up. And with all of the savings I have on the outdoor chachskis I purchase on clearance, it leaves money in my gardening budget to stock up on perennials in the fall when THEY get marked down. (This is called, "more bang for your gardening budget!")

Other than savings, another benefit to shopping this time of year is, if you are hesitant about purchasing some garden knickknacks because you are just not sure if you will like them or not, this is time to take a chance because you are not going to make a big investment with end of the season prices.

A bit of advise- Dont go hog wild. Even though statuary and garden gnomes are on sale, you dont want to buy a truckload and place them all in your front yard, giving the apperance that you are having a garage sale. A few items are nice, but too many of them gives the appearance of a flea market. Just keep in mind that adding a whimsical item amongst the greenery in a garden is a lot like adding a necklace when wearing the perfect little black dress. The dress can stand alone, but some sparkle can really dress up the outfit.

Whether you like traditional stepping stones with Bible verses, or glittery pink flamingos wearing top hats, now is the time to get out to your favorite retailer and see what kind of deals they are offering on just the right thing to make you smile as you see it poking out of your garden.


Now, where is my credit card?





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