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My English Cottage Garden - May 17 Update
by Moneen Jones - posted 05/17/18

It hasn't rained much in the past 3 weeks, so I am having to water the front lawn AND back lawn with the newly planted bulbs every evening for 15 minutes in sections. The birds and rabbits love my sprinklers. I remembered after I submitted my previous post that I did not include the flower species of the bulbs I planted. With that said, I have uploaded the diagrams I used and species quantity. Diagram 1 was planted twice in my yard. Once planted left to right and then planted again at a 90 degree right turn. The diagram stated that the spacing should be 4' x 6', but I doubled that space considering the perennial plants would be spreading outwards by the second year. The flowers planted for each garden were 8 Liatris spicata, 10 Freesia single mixes, 10 Acidanthera, 10 Gladiolus mix, 10 Iris Hollandica Blue Magic, 50 Anemone De Caen, 1 Lilium Yellow County, and 1 Lilium Stargazer. The third garden is for shade, those were 16 hosta mix. The next diagrams (Diagrams 2 and 3) are what was planted on either side of the 'side walk' to my gazebo. The fourth photo is similar to what I hope to have growing in my background within the next 3 years.

About 30% of the bulbs have emerged. I had purchased my bulbs from Michigan Bulb company and with their money back guarantee I was able to get replacement bulbs for whatever has not started to emerge. The only area that I really had problems with had a lot of clay soil. When I had planted the bulbs, I dug the hole using a drill auger, dropped the bulb in, and then filled the holes with garden soil to get them extra nutrients. However, I believe I am going to need to add more soil in that area with the replants.

Three trees have been planted in the backyard. Two redbuds and a Japanese cherry tree. Redbuds are a small to medium tree found in nearly every county of Missouri. In the spring, it is covered in masses of pink flowers.

I also started to lay out the borders along the now weed cloth cloaked grass acting as a temporary walkway. I couldn't for the life of me have luck growing grass in the backyard for the past 4 years, but put down a layer of weed cloth and grass grows underneath it abounds. I am currently waiting on a two-day storm to water the backyard that will 1) save my water bill this month, and 2) loosen up the ground so I can pound the rigid, plastic borders into the ground to finish that step in the walkway. Then I will be laying down a 1 inch layer of pea gravel.  In the meantime, I am trimming between emerging bulbs using a weed whacker, and spending time with my garden and new grass plugs. I'll write more about those projects in the next segment. I am currently trying out zoysia plugs to fill in the sparse grass in my front yard (used weed n feed a couple of years back to find out the front yard was mainly weeds, go figure).


Diagram 1Diagram 2


Diagram 4Diagram 3



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