Ruth Mason McElvain, retired English teacher, blogger, gardener and writer, lives in upstate SC, blissfully repatriated to her native South after 40 years in California.

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Classic Pepper Sauce Recipe
by Ruth Mason McElvain       #Recipes

Wash and sterilize several saved bottles such as those for soy sauce, beer, small wine bottles, soft drinks, vinegar, Worcestershire and other appropriate bottles saved or bought for pepper sauce. Preferably have pouring spouts with caps, one for each jar. Lids, corks and wine spouts also work.


2-3 pounds fresh picked hot peppers like tabasco (my choice)

‘Poinsettia’ and ‘Cayenne’ peppers, washed, stem popped off, and a slit cut into each pepper (Note: Wear gloves for this step!)


Drop peppers into a bottle in a uniform direction, shaking down as you go until the bottle is filled halfway to the bottle neck, then add ½ teaspoon pickling salt and 1 small peeled garlic clove.

Pour boiling undiluted cider vinegar into the bottle with 1 inch of space left, cap, cool, store; best after a few weeks of curing. Delicious on peas, greens, beans, eggs, tacos, soups, and any food that begs for tangy heat. As the liquid level drops, hot vinegar can be poured in several times more, until the flavor wanes, then shake out the peppers and open a new bottle.

From Carolina Gardener Issue IX Volume XXVI. Photo courtesy of Ruth Mason McElvain.


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