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Blackfoot Daisy
by Marilyn Stewart

Some summers are lessons in survival for many gardens. One amazing standout in my yard has been blackfoot daisy, which has thrived in heat and limited moisture and looked, well, as fresh as a daisy the entire summer. One attribute of this plant I appreciate is how white the abundant blooms always look; there is no fading to brown. Native to several western states, I have seen it growing on clay outcrops in fierce winds and sun. It doesn’t need much in the way of care, just not too much moisture. Some years it comes back in the spring quite well and other years it does not, although you will probably find small seedlings near the plant base in the spring.



Common Name: Blackfoot daisy

Botanical Name: Melampodium leucanthum

Zones: 4-9

Color: White with yellow centers

Blooming Period: Begins to bloom when temperatures increase and continues until frost.

Type: Tender perennial

Size: Forms a mound about 18” across and 10” high.

Exposure: Full sun

When to Plant: Spring

Soil: Well drained, also does well in clay

Watering: Drought tolerant when established, don’t overwater.

Maintenance: No need to fertilize or deadhead.

In Your Landscape: Perfect for the front of a sunny border or along a sidewalk or drive as it loves the heat and always looks fresh.


Posted February 2012



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