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Best driveway plant: sedum ground-cover
by Livi Lou - posted 01/13/16

Sedum sarmentosum, also called Gold Moss, is the best plant for the harsh environment near your driveway. It is a lime-green ground-cover sedum that produces small yellow flowers in June.


Sedums are succulent plants (like a cactus). This means they can tolerate the dry conditions near pavement. This particular sedum is also cold hardy to Zone 4. Since I am in a warmer growing zone (Zone 6a), I enjoy the confidence that it can withstand snow being shoveled on top of it in the winter.  It is virtually evergreen and it does not die back to the ground in the winter like common tall sedums such as the variety Autumn Joy. 

In 2014, I first encountered this beautiful plant as I walked through the neighborhood.  The vibrant color captured my attention. Every time I walked by, it continued to amaze me with its growth and beauty.  The color is so vibrant that even when the season progressed and the color faded, it was still beautiful.

I was so impressed with this plant that I researched and identified it.  I found Sedum sarmentosum online at Mountain Crest Gardens.*  In September 2014, I purchased and planted Sedum sarmentosum plants from this online nursery.  Fortunately, I had the necessary six weeks for the plants to establish before first frost.  Below is a photo upon first planting.



I would like to share with you the growth of two different plantings for this beautiful sedum.  Below is the photo timeline of the initial planting that caught my eye.


                                                                     Summer  2015


The second photo timeline documents the growth of my Sedum sarmentosum planting.


                                                            Early Fall 2014: September


                                                         Early Spring 2015 :  March


                                                          Spring 2015 :  April


                                                             Spring 2015 : May


                                                                   Summer 2015


                                                            Early Fall 2015 :  September


Sedum sarmentosum's low height, vibrant color, reliable flexibility to temperature differences and impressive growth rate make it the best ground-cover for curbside appeal. I encourage you to give it a try! 


~ Thanks for reading!



*Note on Mountain Crest Gardens:  I am pleased with  the quality of the Sedum sarmentosum that I ordered from this nursery.  Since my first sighting of Sedum sarmentosum, I have seen other plantings which look stringy.  I find that my planting has sturdy stems.  Below are photos that show the difference between sturdy and stringy growth.

   sturdy  vs.   stringy 




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