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Bushel & Berry: Baby Cakes
by Livi Lou - posted 02/19/17

Baby Cakes is a new dwarf blackberry variety from Bushel & Berry (formerly Brazelberries).  It is listed as being hardy to Zone 4 and its shape is described as rounded. Growing only 3-4ft in height, this dwarf blackberry bush should produce sweet, classic blackberry-flavored berries. 

Baby Cakes is a new release for Spring 2017.  In Spring 2016, I received a small starter plant to review. I planted it in a Smart Pot, which is a fabric container.

Keep an eye out for Baby Cakes at your local nursery, since it will probably be larger than the one I received.  However, it has grown nicely.  Below you can see when I first received the plant in the spring, and then what it looked like at the end of the summer.



I’ll continue to update you on my experience with Baby Cakes.  As I did with Raspberry Shortcake, I plan on making a Liv Fruitful video about Baby Cakes to show you the plant like as if you were standing beside it.

By the end of the Summer 2016, Baby Cakes developed a flower bud, but the season was too late for it to blossom.  I look forward to potentially tasting some berries this Summer (2017).  It is supposed to produce two crops (mid-summer & fall), depending on the climate.



I’ve brought Baby Cake into the garage for the winter.  In the photo below, you can see it is starting to show new growth.



I love when the plants come alive again in early spring! I’m eager to experience Baby Cakes and my other new Bushel & Berry variety called Perpetua, a double-cropping blueberry variety!






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