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Classic American Apples
by Livi Lou - posted 10/31/16

A journey through the orchard can be like a journey through history.  Here are two varieties from Hocking Hills Orchard that are classic American varieties. 

Esposus Spitzenburg was one of Thomas Jefferson's favorite apples.  It originated in the mid-1700s when New York was still a colony.  It is one of the oldest apples I have tasted.  It is a pleasing fresh-eating apple that gets high ratings in every taste test. While it is reminiscent of the crisp-textured apples we eat today, it is more complex in flavor than the modern-day, fresh-eating apple.


I love how we can experience a bit of history with a bite of an apple. It really puts life in perspective.

Northern Spy is another classic American variety.  It was once the most popular apple in America.  The flavor reminds me of the popsicle brand called Flavor Ice.  I can see why it was once so popular.  It fell out of favor because it was slow to bear fruit.  It was used for baking and fresh-eating. Nothing more classic than American apple pie!



The next two weeks will reveal our last apple varieties of the Liv Local mini-series. I saved the most interesting for last.  And that's really saying something since all these varieties are so intriguing!



 ~ Thanks for reading!



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