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Crimson Night Raspberry
by Livi Lou - posted 02/11/17

Like Double Gold, Crimson Night was bred by Dr. Courtney Weber at Cornell University.  Crimson Night has dark red raspberries.  The canes are red and the leaves are green with a purple tinge.  It is a fall-bearing variety that is described as delicious.


Last Spring (2016), I planted Crimson Night in an Earth Box like I did with Double Gold.  I was able to harvest a few berries in September (2016).

The berries are larger than Double Gold.  I think the flavor is similar to Bushel & Berry’s Raspberry Shortcake (formerly Brazelberries Raspberry Shortcake), which tastes like fruit punch.  However, the June berries from Raspberry Shortcake were bigger than Crimson Night’s berries.

Crimson Night is a beautiful colored plant and berry.  If you like the unique fruit-punch taste of Raspberry Shortcake, then Crimson Night would be a good follow up variety for the fall.  I’ll be reporting more about this variety in the Summer.



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