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New Berry Varieties
by Livi Lou - posted 06/26/17

This summer’s Liv Fruitful videos cover three interesting berry varieties to encourage and inspire you to give fruit growing a try. With a brand such as Bushel and Berry (formerly Brazelberries), it has become easier to grow fruit in smaller spaces.  


And with my garden product, you will be amazed at how much you can grow in a small space when you don’t have to compete with furry and feathered foes for each berry. The Ultimate Crop Cage is a garden bed that protects what is growing inside of it.  Photos, videos and order-taking will begin late summer.  I’m excited to bring this garden bed design to you!


What would you grow if you knew you could harvest it?


Maybe a double-cropping blueberry?  A white strawberry? A striped tomato?

Perpetua is a double-cropping blueberry variety by Bushel & Berry.  It is the only blueberry that produces two harvests; mid-summer and fall.  The berries are tiny, but are a beautiful dark blue color.  When fully ripe, it will have a blueberry muffin type of flavor.  Here is the video about it’s first June harvest at Livi Lou Garden. It is cold hardy to Zone 4.

Crimson Night is the sister plant to Double Gold, bred by Cornell University.  Like Double Gold, it is also double-cropping.  It has excellent dark red/purple berries that taste of fruit punch. The canes and leaves are also tinged with purple in the fall.  Unlike Double Gold, it is not as upright in growth habit. It is cold hardy to Zone 4. You can see the video here.


Baby Cakes is a dwarf blackberry variety by Bushel and Berry.  In some climates it may produce two crops a season.  It will grow to be 3-4ft in height and is cold hardy to Zone 4.   There are only a handful of dwarf blackberry varieties, but this is probably the only one you’ll find in a local nursery.  The berries taste like a classic blackberry.  I noticed it seemed more seedy than I would like, but it is a great way to add a blackberry bush to a small garden.


July, August and September should prove to be exciting months as the Livi Lou Fru-it Garden is introduced and we return to Hocking Hills Orchard for the Liv Local apple videos.



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