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Spring Annuals & Perennials
by Livi Lou - posted 05/01/17

Spring is a breath of fresh air! Once again the air is perfumed with plant life.  Each day becomes warmer and greener. And, of course, it is time to add new additions to the garden. 

The new additions to Livi Lou Garden are more heirloom peach trees, including the red flesh peach, and new sedum varieties.  This Summer Liv Fruitful videos will return to our YouTube channel, featuring Bushel & Berry Babycakes and some other unique berries.  This Fall I will be returning to Hocking Hills Orchard for our Liv Local videos about heirloom and unique apple varieties. Derek Mills of Hocking Hills Orchard says this may be one of their best years yet! A lot of apple trees are in bloom and some are already starting to form apples. 

I am also coming closer to finalizing my garden product, which completely protects your garden bed from furry and feathered foes. It feels good to know you get the chance to harvest every tomato and every strawberry you see growing!

Until then, please enjoy these springtime photos from Livi Lou Garden.

Lilacs have such a short bloomtime, but the fragrance perfumes the air. They are also great to bring indoors as a vase cutting. 


Every spring, I enjoy annual flower shopping at my local nursery.  I always find some eye catching petunia varieties to put on the porch contianers to be enjoyed close-up. 

I know there are a lot of basil varieties, but this was the first time I saw this crinkly, large leaf variety at my local nursery.  

Enjoy your Spring!




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