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The Emotional Benefit of Trees
by Livi Lou - posted 03/19/17

It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re walking through the neighborhood. One section seems barren and the sun too strong, and then, by stark contrast, you turn onto a street with mature trees and beautiful dappled shade as if the street were a Monet painting.

There are numerous benefits to trees and you’ve probably heard the list repeated, but I’d like to point out the emotional benefit of trees. 

Some data suggests that trees foster safer, more sociable neighborhoods. The natural scenery and shade created by trees are spaces that attract people. When people are drawn to spaces with trees, they are more likely to see and interact with their neighbors, and become friends. Some even suggest that trees may reduce levels of domestic violence.

Could this be a chicken or the egg situation? Do the trees literally make the neighborhood safer or do the trees attract home buyers willing to pay more for a home along a shady, natural setting?

Either way, planting a tree can increase the value of your home, because home buyers prefer to live with trees, and the demand will increase the worth of your home. If you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, you might as well still plant some trees as a benefit to yourself.  

You will feel happy seeing and being in an outdoor space with tall, stoic Norwegian Spruce trees frosted with snow in the winter, Cleveland Pears blooming in the spring, birch trees with their leaves glinting in the summer sun and Red Maples ablaze with glorious red in autumn.

The Arbor Day Foundation
gives 10 free trees that are suited to your locality when you become a member ($10). That’s an easy way to get some trees! Whether you go for the free trees or choose to purchase more mature trees, you need to make sure they get the best start in their new location. 

A landscaper can help with placement of the plantings to give your property the best aesthetics, and a certified arborist can make sure to get the tree off to the best start. March is a good time to plant trees; the soil is fresh and the trees still dormant. So what are you waiting for? Get growing, be happy!





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Irene A. Seadale - 04/27/2017

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your article. Trees are so important to people in the South.  I greatly enjoy the shade of the trees as well as their beauty and benefits. Landscape would be so barren without them. I thank God on a regular basis for trees.  Thanks, Irene Seadale

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Livi Lou (Zone 6a) - 04/28/2017

Thank you for your nice comment Irene!I’m glad you enjoyed my article.  I am thankful for the joy and beauty of trees too.

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