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What’s the shuck?
by Livi Lou - posted 03/31/17

It is early spring and you are eager to know whether or not to expect fruit this summer. How do you tell if your stone-fruit tree has been pollinated?

Petal drop is not the most accurate way to determine proper pollination.  The best indicator is whether the shuck has split.

What's the shuck?

The shuck refers to the sepals that hold the anthers and petals.  As the fruit starts to form, it will split the shuck and the shuck will eventually fall off.  You can check out my previous peach formation, photo-timeline here.   Below is my new heirloom apricot tree blossoming, shedding the shuck and growing an apricot for the first time!

Above: Apricot is blooming in the foreground with peach and plum in the background.


Above: The shuck is starting to split as the apricot begins to grow.


Above: Photo taken yesterday of the apricot growing.




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