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Hocking Hills Orchard
by Livi Lou - posted 09/12/16

There is no need to travel far to experience nature's diverse bounty of apple varieties.   Hocking Hills Orchard grows over 1,000 different apple varieties and it's less than an hour from Columbus.   I had the opportunity to visit the orchard and meet it's owner Derek Mills.  Watch my interview with him here

This fall we will be regularly visiting Hocking Hills Orchard to bring you the most interesting varieties.  Up first are two apple varieties that ripen in August, a red fleshed variety called Red Devil and a historic variety called Antonvka 1.5 LB.



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Lavender Phenomenal
by Livi Lou - posted 08/19/16

In continuation of the “How’s it Growing?” theme month, we’ll be taking a look at the lavender variety ‘Phenomenal.’  Just in case you can’t tell by the name, it’s supposed to be the best ornamental lavender ever!

I had heard about Lavender Phenomenal, but I didn’t venture to try planting it until this Spring.  Disregarding the one English Lavender variety that has survived for ten years in my garden, I have not had much luck when planting any new lavender plants.

When I saw Lavender Phenomenal at Oakland Nursery, it was already larger than what I could hope any new lavender plant could become.  It was a gallon pot instead of the usual 4 inch pot.

Here it is upon first planting it:

Lavender Phenomenal is supposed to be hardy to Zone 5 (-20F) with little winter die-back and tolerant to heat and humidity.  It is supposed to bloom powerfully throughout the entire Summer and into Fall.  So far it has been prolific in growth and blooms.  Here it is a few days ago:

Phenomenal is a hybrid lavender (lavendula x intermedia) and will not be as sweet tasting as culinary lavenders (lavendula x angustifolia), but it seems promising to those who dream of lavender fields and have never been able to successfully grow lavender before.  


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Crimson Night Raspberry
by Livi Lou - posted 08/12/16

Continuing the 'How's it Growing?' theme month, this post shows how the Crimson Night raspberry is progressing this season.  Crimson Night is the 'sister plant' to Double Gold.  This dark wine-colored raspberry variety was also bred by Dr. Courtney Weber of Cornell University.

The below photo shows Crimson Night next to Double Gold this spring.

Here it is a few days ago. 

It will take another season to fill out the contianer, but the canes are healthy and are already producing flowers. I eagerly await the very first berries this Fall.  Stay tuned in February for Febru-berry, when I'll update you on the Crimson Night berries!


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