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Small Garden Space Solutions
by Livi Lou - posted 03/26/18

We dream of acres of garden space.  A blank canvas of land to paint our horticulture visions.  However, that is not a reality for most of us.  How best do we utilize the space given?  Each tomato, each berry and each leaf of lettuce becomes more precious to protect from furry and feathered foes.  You'll be pleasantly surprised to see how many tomatoes you can actually harvest from just one plant when you don't have to compete with deer and chipmunks. 

The Ultimate Crop-Cage™ is the solution to small spaces and ineffective netting.  Deer chew through netting, birds get caught in it and chipmunks squeeze under it.  The Ultimate Crop-Cage™  is made locally from powder-coated steel so that animals cannot chew through it or get caught in it.  It connects to the garden bed and it has a bottom grid to deter animals from squeezing through gaps or burrowing under it. 

To further enhance your small space garden, there are some great plant varieties that I recommend.  My favorite early season tomato is Fourth of July.  It produces 4oz tomatoes in an astonishing 49 days.  Also, most cherry tomatoes produce in the 45-55 day range.  Some other excellent early tomatoes are Early Girl and Celebrity (~65 days).


In regards to berries, there is an expanding list of dwarf varieties such as Raspberry Short Cake, Baby Cakes Blackberry and Jelly Bean Blueberry.  Some other dwarf blueberries varieties include: Blueberry Glaze, Peach Sorbet and Tophat. And don't forget about Wild Blueberries which grow as a 1-2ft matt.  This summer I will trialling dwarf blackberry vareities: Black Magic and Heaven Can Wait. 

The strawberry variety Mara de Bois is a french everbearing variety known for it's excellent sweet flavor.  For those who love lettuce--so much that they would like to harvest it throughout the summer--the Israeli variety Jericho can withstand the heat without becoming bitter. 

With The Ultimate Crop-Cage™ , these interesting vareities are within your reach--no matter the size of your garden!  What will you grow?



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Timeline: Historic Apple Collection
by Livi Lou - posted 03/12/18

There are so many historic and interesting varieties from Hocking Hills Orchard, which grows over 1,000 apple varieties.  I love that we have such a historic collection here in Ohio.  Check out this visual timeline and choose the varieties that interest you the most.  You can then check out the corresponding video on my YouTube Channel to see more.  Make sure to visit Hocking Hills Orchard to see the variety up close!  I'll be back to the Orchard for Season 3 this Fall (2018). 



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The Ultimate Crop-Cage
by Livi Lou - posted 10/04/17

You step outside.  The dew has gathered like shimmering beads on the grass. The orange morning glow stretches across the lawn.  As you stroll, you admire the roses, still and elegant like as if time did not exist.  You eagerly turn to your tomato bed for a harvest. 

The tomatoes are scattered across the ground.  Chunks thrown here and there like a battle scene.  A deer has chewed through the protective netting.  Your harvest is ruined. Months of pruning and watering, wasted. 

“The strawberries!” You rush to your strawberry bed.  The red gems remain intact on the plants. You breathe a sigh of relief.  The strawberries will complement your breakfast nicely. You reach down—the fragrant berries greet you—and you lift the netting.  

A chipmunk rushes out! You exclaim in surprise and almost fall backwards. 

Deer chew through it.  Chipmunks squeeze underneath.  And just the other day, you had to free a bird that was caught in it.  There must be something better than netting.

We've all had experiences like the one illustrated.  Unless you have acres of garden space, one midnight snack by a deer can wipe out your entire tomato harvest.  This often discourages new gardeners from starting a garden too.

The Ultimate Crop-Cage™ is the only raised garden bed that completely protects your garden from furry and feathered foes.   I designed it to be long lasting, weather resistant, and easy to assemble and regularly access.  

It is made in Ohio from powder-coated steel. It will protect your plants from above, below and every direction an animal might attempt entry.  It is difficult for the animals, but easy for you.  All you have to do is open the door.  


Be the first to get the Ultimate Crop-Cage™ at  Get ready to grow that variety you’ve always wanted to taste!



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