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Betsy K - 02/23/2012

Hello, Kylee,
Your toad lily is so pretty...very much like an orchid. What growing conditions does it need? I'm in Findlay, so our climate can't be too different from yours. I'd love to put one of those in my small, fenced-in garden that receives about six hours of sun.

Betsy Kreidler
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Kylee Baumle (Northwest Ohio) - 02/23/2012

Hi Betsy,

Yes, our climates would be identical, because I only live a little over an hour away from you. grin I actually bought a toad lily from a rural Findlay business - the Perennial Plant Peddler! The toad lily should do just fine where you want to put it. I've got a couple that get more sun than others, maybe even more than six hours. They're pretty versatile plants.

I'd maybe avoid the hot afternoon sun, but even that, as long as it gets enough consistent moisture, shouldn't hurt it. I think it depends on the cultivar you put in those conditions, though. The more white in the leaves (talking the variegated foliage types here), the less sun they generally tolerate, but the darker leaved ones should do okay. I wouldn't put them anywhere that they get full sun all day, but it doesn't sound like that's what you'd be doing.

Here's my take on plants in general: unless it's expensive, it's only a plant and it's worth a try. If it doesn't work, then you learned that about it and you try something else or try the same thing someWHERE else. It's part of the fun of gardening!

Good luck with your new toad lilies! (One is never enough...)

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