Chris Baker is one of the owners of Baker’s Acres Greenhouse in Alexandria, and has been growing, designing and breeding plants for 35 years.

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by Chris Baker       #Hot Plants

Lantana Bandana Red is a heavy bloomer.

Lantana ‘Anne Marie’ flowers are a rainbow of colors.

There are some gardeners, myself included, who regard the smell of lantana foliage as stinky. There are others who describe it as fragrant. Regardless, all can agree that they are flowering powerhouses. Lantanas are covered with 2- to 3-inch clustered blossoms all summer. As the individual flowers age, they often change color, giving the blossoms a bicolor effect. The foliage can be mildly poisonous to some animals, including deer, ensuring lantana’s exemption from being grazed upon. The berries, slightly poisonous when green, ripen to a metallic navy blue and are then edible. Birds love these berries and butterflies love the flowers. In addition to the myriad of new introductions, reliable older varieties include ‘Confetti’ and ‘Dallas Red’. And best of all, they love it hot and dry.

Common Name: Lantana, Spanish flag

Botanical Name: Lantana camara 

Varieties/Cultivars to Look for: Bandana series, Patriot series, Luscious series, ‘Anne Marie’, ‘Confetti’, ‘Dallas Red’

Color: White, orange, yellow, red, pink and lavender

Blooming Period: All summer

Type: Annual

Size: 12 to 30 inches

Exposure: Full sun

How to Plant: In beds 12 inches apart, or in pots

Soil: Well-drained soil

Watering: Average moisture

When to Prune: As needed for shaping

When to Fertilize: Monthly 

In Your Landscape: Beds or pots

From Ohio Gardener Volume III Issue IV. Photos by Chris Baker.


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