Joanie Lapic has been gardening in Pennsylvania for about 45 years, at first alongside her Daddy in his vegetable patches, and the past 20 years or so as an intent Herb grower and studier. Master Herbalist, owner of Everlasting Gardener in New Brighton,  Herb grower and teacher, lecturer, therapeutic horticulture teacher,  developer of Pocket Therapy aromatherapy products.


Late Summer Pennsylvania Garden
by Joanie Lapic - posted 09/13/15

                                                                                                       blooming Purple Basil - but not for long....

Calendula with katydid visitor  


Foxglove - This beauty sprouted leaves in mid-June, in a place I would not have chosen for it, along a pathway. Since Foxglove is one of my favorites, I left it there. I am very pleased with it, and all of its cousins, one of which has already begun blooming, and is more of a purple hue.



white Japanese Anemone

                                                         Hardy Begonia
                                                         Begonia grandis



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