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Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life
by Ali Lawrence - posted 11/22/16

best gifts for gardeners

If you know someone with a green thumb, buying a gardening-specific gift can add a special touch to any occasion. No matter what your budget, there is a unique gift you can find for the gardener in your life.

1.    Succulent Terrarium

Succulents are easy to grow and durable, and they transport well. If you have to mail the gift to the gardener, a succulent will be hardy enough to survive the trip. A succulent terrarium can sit on a gardener’s desk at work or be displayed in the home, so your gardening friend can enjoy a bit of the outdoors in a small container.

There are many different types of succulent terrariums. While you can buy terrariums for around $15-$60, it would make the gift even special if you make it! Here are instructions on how to making hanging terrariums.

2.    Garden Themed Charm

If the gardener in your life also loves jewelry, consider a garden themed charm. If the person does not yet own a charm bracelet, you could purchase both the bracelet and the first charm for it. If they already own a charm bracelet, take notice of the brand.

Go to your local jewelry store or check out charm collections online to find a charm that would fit their bracelet and would remind them of both you and gardening.

3.    Heirloom Seeds

If your gardener enjoys growing tomatoes in the summer and worries over GMOs, then a terrific gift is heirloom seeds. If you want to gift the person with a number of seeds at once, EcoFarms offers a gift set of organic, non-GMO heirloom seeds. Seeds that come in the boxed set include corn, carrots, broccoli, pepper and tomato. The set costs $21.88 with free Prime shipping.

4.    Self-Watering Herb Garden

How much fun is a fish tank with an herb garden on top? Put a beautiful beta fish in the base, and add an herb garden on the second tier. The water is nutrient rich because of the fish, so it will feed the plants as they grow. The plants also help to purify the water, so the entire mini-environment is low maintenance and creates a healthy environment for the fish and the plants. The garden kit is $60.

5.    Cute Watering Can or Gardening Tools

Even though your friend won’t be able to use the item for a few more months, gifting a cute watering can or other fashionable garden tool is a great way for them to remember you whenever they are working in their garden.

Creating a unique and memorable gift for your gardening friends is as simple as knowing what tools they already have and what they’d like to utilize. With that knowledge in hand, you’ll choose the perfect gift!



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