TC Conner - 07/01/2011

We attended the recent Pennsylvania Lavender Festival in Fairfield, PA. Needless to say my lust for lavender was fulfilled, if only for a short while. One of the tips we heard had everything to do with how you say to grow lavender in a raised bed. One of their "secrets" was preparing a raised mound for planting.

Ahhh, that aroma....there is none that come close...wait...there is one...a Gertrude Jekyll rose! (I use lavender soap, and if there were a lavender scented men's cologne, I'd use it too, daily!)
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Karen Atkins (Michigan - Zone 6A) - 07/02/2011

I'll keep my eyes open for the lavender scented men's clologne! I did not realize that one's lust for lavender could be fulfilled, even at a lavender festival. I thought it was bottomless! I love the Gertrude Jekyll rose for the habit as much as the scent. Let's hope the growers don't abandon all of the scented roses for the more popular and longer-blooming new cultivars! Thanks so much for your comments!
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TheWriteGardener - 07/06/2011

Thank you for your comments too Ms. Karen! And please notify immediately if lavender cologne for men is found! ;~)
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