Joseph Tychonievich is nursery manager of Arrowhead Alpines in Fowlerville.

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Ivy Leaved Cyclamen
by Joseph Tychonievich       #Hot Plants

Each Cyclamen hederifolium has leaves with a different mix of silver and green, all of which are lovely.

Cyclamen hederifolium’s growth is the exact opposite of everything else in your garden. It wakes up and blooms in the fall, then the leaves come up and look amazing until next summer. Masses of brilliant pink and white flowers contrast wonderfully with the usual red-orange-yellow tones of fall, and the brilliant silver-and-green patterned foliage is invaluable during a January thaw when the rest of the garden is just mud. That ability to look gorgeous when not much else does, on top of being totally winter hardy and drought and shade tolerant — well, this is a plant no shade garden should really be without.

Common Name: Ivy leaved cyclamen

Botanical name: Cyclamen hederifolium

Zones: 4–8

Color: Pink or white flowers, silver patterned foliage

Bloom Period: August-September

Type: Bulb Size: 3-4 inches tall, eventually a foot or more across

Exposure: Shade

How to plant: Purchase plants growing in pots.

Soil: Somewhat dry in the summer is best, but not picky.

Watering: Requires no supplemental water.

In your landscape: Perfect for difficult, dry shade. Great interplanted with perennials such as hosta, since its leaves are up when theirs are down and vice versa.

The graceful flowers of a white-flowered Cyclamen hederifolium.

From Michigan Gardening Volume I Issue I.  Photos courtesy of Joseph Tychonievich.


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